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W E E K L Y 

M E A L  D E A L

Having a hard time choosing from all of Candice's delicious meal offerings? Want to enjoy some savings while taking part in hassle-free meals? 


The Weekly Meal Deal is a program where fresh meals are prepared each week.


Orders must be submitted between 7am on Thursday and 5pm on Sunday to take part in the program. There are a limited number of Meals that we can prepare. Please send in your order as soon as possible to help guarantee a spot. 


Please also note that the program is based on a set menu, and are ready for pick-up every Tuesday from 4 - 6pm OR Wednesday from 11am - 6pm. The menu changes each week - variety is the spice of life, after all! To receive updates for what's cooking on the meal deal, please select the 'Let's Chat!' icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, and write 'Subscribe Me.' We'll be sure to sign you up!

See below for this week's meal specials!



1) A maximum of 2 per meal can be purchased. After all, we want you to enjoy variety. :)

2) There are no meal substitutions/customizations available for this program. 

3) For any items that are not part of the Meal Deal, please place a new order, as they will be processed separately. A notification will be sent to you when your custom order is available for pick-up.

We’ll be changing it up a bit for this next while. Weekly Meal Deal will be on a break. Not to worry – we’d love for you to take advantage of our Freezer Meal Deal savings. With the purchase of 4 frozen meals (any size), you receive the 5th meal (or treat) free! To view what is currently available in our freezer, please visit the link below:


What's Available In-store?


If you’d like us to set aside any frozen meals for you, please just send us a quick email stating which items/size. Orders will be held for 3 business days. 

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