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Weekly Meal Deal Updates

We know that for some of you ordering 4-5 meals at a time is not ideal. And we’d still love for you to take part in some savings.

Here’s how our new Weekly Meal Deal works:

There is no longer a minimum number of meals that you are required to order. However, we ask that you order no more than 2 of each meal.

Pricing is as follows:

Regular meals: $28 each

Half size meals: $14 each

Salad: $12 each

Snack: $12 each

The Meal Deal will continue to be based on a set Menu. However, we have reduced the number of options to 4 per week.

Orders must be submitted through Thursday at 6am to Sunday at 5pm. There are a limited number of meals we can produce, so be sure to place your order sooner rather than later.

Pick-up will continue to occur on Tuesdays: 4-6pm and Wednesdays: 11am-6pm.

If you’d like to be added to our Weekly Meal Deal email subscription, please select the 'Let's Chat!' icon at the bottom right corner of our site, and write 'Subscribe Me.' We'll be sure to sign you up!

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