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Too much dill... and that's a problem?

Fresh Dill

"I have way to much dill, do you want some?" I hear this so often... but I just never understand it. I can never have enough dill! Maybe the problem is that I planted my garden too late this year and didn't get any. Whatever the case I am always open to taking it off of peoples hands if they want to get rid of it.

Thankfully for me just this morning a good friend of mine had the "way too much dill problem" and gave me some. Now it is not that I am able to consume that much fresh dill. No, if I just put it in my fridge it would rot. But I don't even give it that chance. My secret is freeze it! It makes it so much more convenient to use anyway.

First off wash it, and dry it thoroughly... use a salad spinner. Don't waste your time trying to air, or towel dry. I for one, definitely don't have the patience for that!

Next strip it off of the stem, and directly onto a clean cutting board (another time saving tip) so that you are not trying to collect all of the pieces off of your counter.

Finally cut it fine, put it into a freezer bag, and into the freezer.

I like to keep all of my frozen herbs in the door of the freezer so that they are easy to grab when I am cooking.

Frozen Herbs

Greek Food

Now it is ready to go! It has so much more flavor than using the dried herbs. Honestly who wants to use dried dill for tzatziki? That just seems wrong!

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