Taking your tacos to the next level.

Everybody loves tacos right? The tortilla, the meat, the cheese and the salsa. But what about the rest of the toppings? Growing up maybe your mom and dad suggested that you add some lettuce or tomato to get some veggies in. But I know that I personally declined. That is much different now, I like to add EVERYTHING to my taco! Now, most of the time I can hardly get it closed and end up eating it with a fork because it explodes. I'm fine with it though, because it still tastes amazing!

But rather than trying to get your kids, or yourself to add veggies on top of the meat and cheese here is a little trick that I like to use that adds a ton of veggies to the tacos before you assemble it at the table!

Add the veggies right in with the meat! Just brown the meat like you usually would. Drain the excess fat. Add in the veggies. Try onion, garlic, green pepper to start. Then add in some black beans or lentils for some extra fiber. Then add in the taco seasoning. This gives the taco a huge nutritional boost (like fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals), plus it tastes great!

I still like to add tomato and lettuce when I am assembling my taco, but veggie wise it is not a must because there is already plenty in with the meat mixture!

Don't forget the cheese, salsa and plain Greek yogurt (in place of the sour cream... because if you are trying to make these taco more nutritious, you might as well go all the way!). Tacos have never looked and tasted so good!

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