Pumpkin and Spice make Muffins so Nice!

Mmmm that signature fall spice, its in lattes, baking and conversation... so we might as well embrace it! You just know that as soon as the first wiff of fall hits the air people will be searching for everything and anything with pumpkin spice. Is there really anything so special about this magical spice? After all it really is just a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. But when added can be earth-shatteringly delicious, like in muffins!

Lets not forget about the actual pumpkin here though... in my opinion it is the true star! The "spice" is just there to enhance the pumpkin and bring it to its full potential. Truly using pumpkin in muffins is a great way to add moisture to muffins in place of large amounts of saturated fat while adding some very beneficial fiber!

With all of the pumpkin and spice, not a lot of sugar is needed to make the muffins so nice! In almost any baking recipe, reducing some of the sugar will go unnoticed, then when you add in strong spices (like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves) even less sugar is need!

So in the spirit of fall, and nutrition in mind I created a muffin so moist and tasty that you would never guess it could actually be nutritious! These muffins contain not one, but two vegetables, bran, AND Greek yogurt! (it really outdid itself here) Of course the beloved pumpkin spice is included along with some chocolate chips and honey for good measure.

So embrace fall to its full potential and give these healthy muffins a try!

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