Pizza night... and we owned it!

Tonight was pizza night...

not zucchini pizza bites, no cauliflower or multigrain crust, it was not cheese-free

or even homemade! There was no salad or veggie sticks to go along with it either... No it was regular take out Pizza Stop pizza, and it was delicious!

Mike and I had been gone all day, yes there was a chicken ready to go on the BBQ when we got home, but by the time we were actually on our way home, we were both starving. The

thought of waiting even an hour for food seemed impossible. Naturally ordering pizza that would be ready for us when we got home sounded like a brilliant plan!

There was a time in my life, when I would not have settled for this. I may have had 1 piece and filled up on salad, or scarfed down the whole pizza and then felt guilty for the next 3 days and eaten a ton of veggies to make up for it. After all pizza is a complete waste of a meal, with no nutrients, so why would you even put that in your body, right? Wrong! Pizza is delicious, does contain nutrients, and SHOULD be eaten!

Now don't get me wrong pizza is not the most nutritious thing that you could possibly eat, and I don't recommend that you do it every day for weeks on end. But I do know that you should be able to enjoy pizza without feeling bad about it!

Depriving yourself of fun pizza nights with your hubby, or feeling guilty about it, is far worse for your health then actually eating the pizza! All foods should have a place in a healthy diet!

Serving it with a salad or veggies IS a great idea, and there are so many ways to make pizza more nutritious that still taste wonderful. But that does not mean that you (or I) have to do it all of the time! Life is far to short to worry about one pizza only night!

So I have no guilt or shame in saying that Mike and I owned it! Those 2 medium pizzas didn't stand a chance!

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