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No longer fueled by Salads, Rice Cakes and Shakes

Today was self care Sunday. Today was not spent sitting on the couch and chilling, it was spent getting outside and enjoying nature with the people that I love. Today this is what I needed to make me feel good and re-energize for the week.

A hike exploring Alberta’s natural beauty with my husband Mike and fur-child Russ was how our Sunday was spent. Watching us “walk” the trail you may question if we are actually enjoying ourselves or our surroundings. Long legs and a competitive nature come naturally to all of us, so naturally it became a race to see how quickly we could complete this trail.

As we hiked, or rather sprinted along the rocky trail I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. Neither one of us were

finding it particularly challenging, which would not have been the case 2 years ago!

Not that either one of us were extremely “out of shape”, but the strength and endurance were not there. Yes, I could run and walk for miles, but not without pain and stiffness in my ankles. Mike could walk the dog with little difficulty, but anything over 15 minutes at

a slight incline would have him out of breath. This was a result of improper nutrition, inadequate strength training and rest.

I used to run, like a lot! Because of my determination to keep going I did fairly well but I could have done so much better if I would have fueled, rested and strengthened my body properly! After too many running injuries I was left with weak ankles, and chronic pain. A veggie salad for lunch and a smoothie post run did not cut it. Without enough energy, my body was not performing to full potential. Protein, veggies, and carbs are ALL important! Adequate protein and carbohydrates as especially important for your body to build and repair muscle tissue! Salads, rice cakes and shakes all have their place, but they alone will not support an active lifestyle!

Now before heading out for a hike, we eat properly and have plenty of snacks and water packed! Even though long-distance running is still not an option, I am grateful! Today I hiked for 2 hours, no ankle support braces, no fatigue and no pain!

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