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I'm Ready to go, but my body says NO!

I'm ready, my hiking shoes and backpack are out, my leggings are on and the trail is picked out. Still I can't go. Not that I don't want to, like I really do, but I know that it would be the wrong decision. Yes I could push myself, and I would be able to finish the hike, but I know that I would pay for it later!

I woke up tired, and my ankle is sore. We had already decided at the beginning of the week that we would be going for a hike today. I am someone who likes to plan, and I really don't like when those plans change. So waking up tired and sore was really putting a damper on things for me! Even though we all have off days, and just feeling groggy is not always an excuse to do nothing, there are days when you need to take it easy! Give your body a break! So instead I made some coffee and breakfast for Mike (I had eaten hours ago) and enjoyed a relaxing morning.

Am I going to sit around all day and do nothing? Of course not! That is just not who I am, but I am compromising. Rather than a hike, we took a drive out to Cochrane. If you have never taken a walk along the river out there I highly recommend it! Russ loves the off-leash part with all of the swimming opportunities!

Don't forget to stop for a Booster Juice for the drive home, yes this is also allowed! Remember, everything in moderation!

So for all of you out there that need to hear this (and yes this was once me) it is ok to take a day off. It is ok to change your plans. It is ok to take care of yourself! Some days self care is getting out and getting active, and some days it is having a lazy morning drinking coffee on the couch. That one day may be just what you needed to re charge and continue working on your goals with renewed enthusiasm!

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