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Actually, my food really does look like this

Yeah, yeah, I know you cannot believe everything that you see on social media... "there is no way that her food actually looks like that, I'm sure that she took dozens of photos in the right lighting, and then spent hours editing it." I am sure that you have heard that many times and thought it a 1000 more. Me too!

But really, when I make dinner and we sit down to eat, our food actually does look like the picture! (Usually that IS my plate that you see.) Not always, because there are many times that I have "taste tested" it many times before it even makes it to the table. But for the most part the food that we eat in our house is bright, colorful and appealing. This is not due to my cooking abilities or photo editing skills. Because I sure as heck am not handy with a computer or artistic in any way!

It has everything to do with WHAT we eat! When you eat to nourish your body, meaning lots of fresh fruits and vegetables the meals that you prepare are just naturally colorful! Which is exactly what you want! Each color represents an important vitamin or mineral that your body needs to function at its best! Add in a good source of protein and complex carbohydrate to the plate, and you you have an art piece!

Even before you put it onto your plate it should look tasty (this is why I have such a hard time waiting until we sit down to try the food) What's even more important is that food actually does taste better if it looks good! Yes it may all just be "in your head", but have you ever heard "you eat with your eyes"? Well its true. The sight of food actually starts the digestion process in your body! So if something looks gross, you're likely going to take a pass.

Food is not only meant to nourish our bodies, but to be enjoyed! That's why you should take the extra minute to plate your food, add the fresh lemon wedge, or sesame seeds and then sit back and admire what you have created! You'll find that you are more satisfied with your meal, and may even find that you are finding new ways to actually enjoy eating veggies!

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