Better Baking Basics

Gather a bunch of your closest friends for a fun evening of education, baking, and bevies (wine, coffee, tea you pick!) Choose from one of 3 options below of what you would like to learn how to make in the comfort of your own home. Best part is, it is hands on, so everyone goes home with sweet treats!

Create A Conscious Cookie

Does the cookie jar at your place always seem to be empty, and most of them have ended up in your belly? If cookies are your go-to treat, and you seem to eat a lot of them! You may want to consider making them so that you and your body will be happy about eating them! Using your favourite cookie recipe I will show you easy ways to make it more nutritious without sacrificing flavor. 

Best Black Bean Brownie Baking

Do you have a gluten intolorance, or simply want to eat less refined flour and more fiber? Then you'll want to try this class! Fudgy, chocolatey, brownies made with beans in place of flour... which means they are gluten free! Don't hesitate to try them, they are super easy to make and are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Master Muffin Making

Is grabbing a muffin and a coffee through the drive-thru something that you do regularly? If so, then this is the class for you! Having those muffins at home is MORE convenient, and nutritious than the ones that you are paying for! Muffins are one of the easiest items to bake, and can be easily suited to every individuals preference.